Two's and Three's

As children move into their second and third year they begin exploring the world around them by watching, observing and imitating. 

Two's and Three's

Our Staff is well trained and gifted in meeting the high demands of our Toddlers.
Throughout the day your toddler will explore many new activities both inside and outside the classroom.
Children begin their day in a structured classroom type setting with circle time and designated learning centers. They learn all about letters, word formation, numbers, shapes, and more. Children are encouraged to interact with their teachers and classmates. Throughout the day they engage in lively discussions on various topics topics such as animals, transportation, health, safety and science.
Your child will also be introduced enrichment activities such as Story time, Arts and Music, which is always a favorite time of day. All of these activities are designed to develop the social skills needed to build a strong foundation as your child progresses and moves on to more advanced concepts. Our two year old program also includes potty training. Kidzone Preschool Academy’s teachers and staff are as excited as you will be as your child reaches this important milestone.
As children move into their third year they begin exploring the world around them by watching, observing and imitating. With this in mind, Kidzone Preschool Academy offers a wide variety of different activities throughout each day, including the “Funzone”, the largest indoor play area in the State of Florida, where they can run, jump, climb on and crawl through the Safari themed soft sculpted foam animals as well as the 17 foot high tree house and tunnel. Or they may take a ride on the “Safari Train” with all of it’s amazing animal sounds and lights..
 From the “School Zones” to the “Fun Zones”, your child will enjoy learning and interacting with the other children and their teachers. All of our three year old classrooms are filled with puzzles, blocks, toys, books, etc., where children can enhance and perfect their motor skills, coordination, and communication skills while learning how to follow instructions, share and play with others as well as helping with clean up, etc. By the way, all of our toys are routinely cleaned and replaced whenever necessary. At Kidzone Preschool Academy you will find firsthand, that we never stop improving.
Early Literacy

Readiness skills are fostered in many developmentally appropriate ways. We acknowledge that there is a range of ability among young children. We focus on empowering children at their individual level. This is a primary goal for the two's and three's program. Literacy is encouraged through storytelling, teacher made materials, phonemic awareness activities, story dictations, and pictures 

Self-Help Skills

Once you and your child are ready to begin potty training we help promote self-help skills by


Identifying numbers is an exciting  learning experience for most young children. Learning there’s a sequence to the numbers and what comes next is at the foundation of more advanced 

mathematical concepts. We build sequencing, counting, shape recognition, space, measurement and pattern recognition into our learning time to help build confident problem solvers.

Hands - On 

Every experience opens opportunities to explore the chosen topic as well as related topics, depending on the shared experience or special interests of the group. Children are encouraged to ask questions and to find the answers through research, experimentation, observation, and exploration.

Social and Emotional

The social and emotional development of each child is the cornerstone of our program. Through play and shared individual experiences, children learn to navigate their social worlds. Parent involvement is welcomed and valued. We consider this partnership between family and school integral to your child's success and happiness.

Physical Education

Two's and three's spend time each day in our indoor and outdoor play spaces. PE is encouraged and 

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