Pre-K Program 

Get Ready for Preschool! Our PreK program

has a rigorous curriculum set to

prepare students for Kindergarten. 


This is where it’s at! This is what we’ve all been waiting for! This is where Kidzone Preschool Academy really gets serious! At this age everything that the child has learned so far has become it’s foundation and has prepared them for where we are about to take them…
Blast Off!
They come into this program as “glorified toddlers” and they leave it like “big guys and big girls,” ready for the Big K! With the perfect blend of learning and fun and the highest caliber of teachers, you can be assured your child will be more than fully prepared to go to Kindergarten once he or she completes the PRE-K programs at Kidzone Preschool Academy.
We are as excited and proud as the children are when they master sounding out one and two vowel words and go on to reading sentences and stories! That’s right. We said reading! Make sure you are ready for your “toddler” to become a “big guy.” Imagine how proud you will be when your child opens up a book and reads it to you. Or when he comes home and tells you he can add 1 + 1 and go all the way up to 9 + 1 and beyond!
Additionally, children at Kidzone are taught important values such as sharing, getting along with others, respect for adults, and always telling the truth.  

Kidzone Preschool Academy’s PRE-K Programs also visit our Performing Arts Center for various activities and special guests such as puppet, animal and reptile shows. Other guests include children’s favorites like Elmo, Santa and the Easter Bunny. Children also attend the Performing Arts Center for special movie days on our 72' wide screen television. Along with our Performing Arts Center, our 13-acre campus is also utilized for bringing in pony rides, musical hay rides, field games and more.


Field trips are also a part of our  PRE-K Programs where your child will board Kidzone’s brand new, state-of-the-art, Saf-T-Liner school bus to visit places such as Super-Play USA for some bowling or miniature golf, or to the Tradition Field to catch a Mets game and other fun locations. In the words of one of our parents, “Kidzone Preschool Academy truly is the place to be.”


On top of all that, because of the size of Kidzone Preschool Academy we are able to offer age appropriate classes for your four year old. These classes are for those children who turn four after September 1st, and therefore are not eligible for the PRE-K classes. In most instances these children are placed in classes with children many months apart from each other. This creates for the teacher, as well as for the child, a very awkward imbalance in teaching them. Some of the children might find the teaching “over” their heads, while others might find it to be “boring,” having already learned it in the past.


Therefore, we have introduced for these children special “transition” classes where that your child will be surrounded with other children with-in weeks of your child’s age. This of course not only makes your child socially more comfortable but also allows us to teach them more age appropriate materials which will keep them from being “stretched” too fast or “held back” from their fullest potential. 

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