Infant Program

Our Toddler program is designed to nurture and love your child as well as stimulate mental and physical development through interaction with our Staff and other children.  Infants will be snuggled and well cared for in our premium infant room with age appropriate toys and activities designed to develop their coordination, mobility and fine motor skills.


Our Caregivers have training in infant development and caregiving, and enjoy working with infants. This allows them to engage in meaningful interactions with your infant. Our focus is to build trust and lasting relationships.  

Established Routines

Our program emphasizes and encourages routines to ensure that your infants needs are met. Routines like eating, sleeping, changing and platime help infants to feel secure and they begin to understand and predict what will happen next. 

Exploration and Play

Our infant center is set up to encourage play and exploration. Infants have the opportunity to engage in age appropriate activities and outside play. 

Health and Safety

The health and safety of the children in our program are our number one priority, We follow strict health and safety guidelines. Procedures for diapering, food storage and preparation are adhered to by all staff and communicated to parents, 

Families are Partners

We regularly update parents about their children and what is happening at our facilities. We solicit feedback and encourage parental involvement. We have an open door policy for parents to visit and interact with their children in the classroom. 


Our toddler program builds the necessary social and emotional skills to infants and provide the foundation skills they will need as they grow up.  

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